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Polish Space Agency (POLSA) was established by the Act of 26 September 2014. The task of the Agency is to support the Polish space industry by combining the world of business and science. We also help to get provision for entrepreneurs in obtaining funds from the European Space Agency (ESA). An important aspect of the Agency's activity is to promote the development of satellite technology that can be used in everyday life, including communication, navigation, environmental monitoring and weather forecasting.

The priority task of the Polish Space Agency is to take care of the security of the country and its citizens and to increase Polish defense capabilities through the use of satellite systems.

POLSA Polish Space Agency

Aspiration of the Agency is that in 2030 Polish space sector will be in selected areas fully competitive on a global scale. We should be able to ensure the independence of Poland in the access and use of satellite data.

Polish Space Agency is responsible for the arrangement and implementation of the Polish National Space Programme. The main objective of the program is to build a system of accurate tools for counseling and financial support for space companies in Poland.

The main areas of activity of the Polish Space Agency:

International Cooperation
We are committed to multilateral cooperation in the framework of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Union (EU). We support especially Polish actors who apply to the space programs. We have also started efforts to integrate the national industrial sector in projects implemented by the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT). We provide also active bilateral cooperation with ESA Members, the EU and other countries, primarily in the field of space exploration.

Polish space sector
We support domestic entrepreneurs, among others, by organizing competitions for advisory services.  Entities receive professional support in the form of consultation with experts. Entrepreneurs from the SME have support in the applications in competitions organized by the European Space Agency. Our activities are aimed at contributing to the growth of innovation and competitiveness of Polish companies from the space sector. We encourage operators of high-tech or IT to involvement in the space industry.

Data for administrative authorities
We encourage to promote solutions to support Polish state administration at central and local government. The result will be to increase the efficiency of administrative work by using every day with services based on satellite data using satellite technology, as earth observation, navigation and telecommunications.

Research & Development
We support the Polish scientific institutions and companies who are active in the area of R & D in the field of fundraising for scientific and industrial research. We also assist in conducting the work on space and space technology development.

Agency conducts educational activities in the field of popularization of knowledge of space research at the levels of secondary education and high school in Poland. It covers the subject of space engineering and astronomy, as well as initiates and supports - in terms of the expert - the creation of new courses of higher education.

The priority task of the Polish Space Agency is to provide security for Poland and its citizens. Another task is to increase Polish defence capabilities through the use of satellite systems.


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