"Polish Space Night" during Mission to the United States

The Polish Space Agency is working on a Mission to the United States. One of its elements is participation in the jubilee 70th International Astronautical Congress, which will take place on October 21-25. in Washington. A key event during the Mission is also the "Polish Space Night", prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish Embassy in Washington, and the Polish Space Industry Association, with the substantive support of Industrial Development Agency and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. This event will take place October 22. It will present the potential of the Polish space sector, as well as the capabilities of domestic entities operating in this area.

Poland is proud of more than 40 years of experience in space research and exploration. During this period, over eighty 80 instruments designed and constructed by Polish scientists and engineers have been employed in various international space missions. Seven years of participation in ESA has resulted in the dynamic development of the sector, in which more than 350 Polish enterprises operate, of which about 50 focus exclusively on space and satellite technologies. These companies cooperate with ESA and other national agencies, including NASA, DLR (German Space Agency), JAXA (Japanese Space Agency) and CNSA (Chinese Space Agency). Guests from national space agencies, technology centers, state research institutes, as well as enterprises participating in the Polish Space Agency mission, will be invited to the "Polish Space Night", including: SatRevolution S.A., Scanway Sp. z o.o., Space Garden Sp. z o.o., Space is More Sp. z o.o., WZK Sp. z o.o., Hertz Systems Ltd Sp. z o.o., Astronika Sp. z o.o., Jakusz SpaceTech Sp. z o.o., KP Labs Sp. z o.o., GMV Innovating Solutions Sp. z o.o., ITTI Sp. z o.o., as well as the Polish Space Industry Association, Wrocław University of Technology, and Poznań University of Technology.

These entities implement many advanced projects in the fields of:

  • design and construction of cubesat satellites, Earth imaging instruments, integration and testing of satellite platforms (SatRevolution),
  • 3D measurements, vision systems, image processing, and remote observation (Scanway),
  • analog space missions and technologies relevant to space exploration and habitation (Space Garden, Space is More),
  • production of aircraft doors and precision-machined parts for the aerospace industry (WZK),
  • space technologies based on GPS navigation (Hertz System),
  • penetrating and sampling devices, locking and releasing mechanisms, ultralight antennas, manipulators and booms (Astronika),
  • laser communication modules for smallsats, algorithms for analysis and processing of satellite images (KP Labs),
  • production of highly-concentrated hydrogen peroxide for rocket propulsion (Jakusz SpaceTech),
  • flight mechanics, systems engineering, avionics, security critical software, simulators and aviation test stands (GMV Innovating Solutions),
  • SSA/SST systems (Poznan University of Technology, iTTi),
  • crisis management and dedicated applications (iTTi), and
  • communications (Wrocław University of Technology).

After a brief series of presentations by Polish entities and presentations regarding the Polish space sector, there will be networking opportunities at the conclusion of the "Polish Space Night".

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