The very first session of the Student Council of the POLSA President

On March 25th, 2020 the first session of the Student Council of the President of the Polish Space Agency took place. Due to the current epidemiologic situation, the meeting has been held online. Michał Szaniawski, the President of the Agency, also participated in the event.

The session had been opened by President Szaniawski, who thanked the attendees for participating and described the main aspects of the Council’s activity. "We recognise the need for broader communication. We want you to know what are we doing and where are we heading towards and we want to know where you are heading, as you are the future of Polish engineering and the space sector. That is why we want to be the answer to your needs – stated the POLSA President. He also encouraged to actively cooperate with the Agency and to formulate joint initiatives. Kinga Gruszecka, Acting Head of the Department of Education, presented projects and tasks in which POLSA is involved and informed about the planned activities for students during the upcoming months.

During the meeting, each of the Student Council representative had the opportunity to briefly present their achievements and interests. Every member of the Council portrayed a very wide range of their activities, far exceeding their respective fields of study. The majority of the Council members belong to prominent student research circles in Poland, often chairing them, and have experience in implementing space or robotics projects. 

The Student Council of the President of the Polish Space Agency is a newly established advisory body with the aim of providing students with the opportunity to participate in the process
of recommending activities regarding the space sector, tightening cooperation between students across the country, having impact on education and developing the interests of young people towards space sector and science. The Council consists of 22 institutions of higher education representatives from all over Poland.


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