Lecture for students in the Space3.ac. Program

Prof. Cezary Specht - Director of the Department of Education POLSA, gave a lecture "GNSS in Navigation" for the participants of the program, Space3ac.
POLSA Gdańsk

On 28 July this year, representatives of the winning teams of the program the acceleration Space3ac. participated in a lecture on satellite navigation systems GNSS in Gdansk Science and Technology Park. Participants of the lecture gain knowledge on modern operating systems GNSS. The presentation was delivered by prof. Cezary Specht, Director of the Department of Education - an expert in the field of GNSS systems.

Accelerator technology space Space3.ac. supports the development projects of the lower segment of the space sector (ie. Downstream) using data from Earth observation and satellite navigation.

"The mission is to develop the Polish space industry by combining industry and state-owned companies with startups. We want to support the export of Polish products and services related to the space sector, not only in Europe but beyond, "- says Wojciech Drewczyński, one of the originators of Space3ac.

During the program, participants gain knowledge of how to implement space projects and how to manage them. A wide range of Polish and foreign mentors helps teams in matters of business and technical requirements for the project.

Polish Space Agency is a partner of the program.

Website http://www.space3.ac link

Lecture for students in the Space3.ac. Program
Lecture for students in the Space3.ac. Program

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