Report from the Forum of Innovation Sector Space in Rzeszow

June 24, 2016, in the newly opened Exhibition and Congress of the Podkarpackie Region, located in the vicinity of the International Airport "Rzeszów", was held Forum of Innovation Sector Space.
POLSA Rzeszów

The event covered by the Honorary Patronage of the Ministry of Development, was a joint venture of Polish Space Agency, Sub-Carpathian Region, the City of Rzeszow and Rzeszow University of Technology.

The forum related to the aviation industry as smart specialization Podkarpackie Province and its impact on the development of the space sector, the education space, also presented Ukrainian experience in the construction of the space sector.

A prelude to the meeting included presentations: Speaker of the province Wladyslaw Ortyl, who presented the Regional Innovation Strategy of the Podkarpackie Region, and Vice President of Rzeszow Brand Ustrobińskiego of the support of the City for entrepreneurs. Marshal of the province stressed that the Regional Innovation Strategy is based on three major smart specializations: Aerospace, quality of life and the ICT sector. Vice President Ustrobiński mentioned among about investments in Rzeszów, which City in the years 2003-2015 issued 2.7 billion pln., as well as cooperation with businesses, under which adapts to the profile of vocational education to the needs of industry so that young people can easily find employment in enterprises flight Rzeszow and region.

The theme of cosmic forum participants introduced Dr. Karol Seweryn from the Space Research Centre, presenting issues of space exploration in conditions of reduced gravity. Dr. Seweryn was also speaker ended before Congress and aerospace, organized by Rzeszów University of Technology.

In the panel discussion on the potential of the Polish aviation sector, moderated by prof. Zbigniew Klos, they attended by: Dr. Eng. Leszek Loroch, director of the Center for Space Technology Institute of Aviation; Marzena Osowska-Matasz of PZL "Warszawa Okecie" S.A .; Marcus Lush, Vice President SGPPL Aviation Valley and the company Ultratech; Janusz Michalcewicz, the CEO of Eurotech in Mielec and Zbigniew Burdzy of the Department of Strategy and International Cooperation Polish Space Agency. According to the speakers, compatible with air space technologies should soon lead to an increase in the participation of Polish companies in the supply system ESA and Podkarpacie in this area will have a leading role. For here, comprising the majority of airlines in Poland, which are part of global companies, or companies with domestic capital. Both the one and the other can find their place in European space programs. Thanks Podkarpacie has a chance to become one of the leading regions of Polish space sector.

The panel of education, which was led by Dr. Eng. Marek Moszyński, vice president of Polish Space Agency, was attended by Julius Gałkowski, director of the Department of International Cooperation in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education; Danuta Cichon of the Office of the Marshal of Podkarpackie; dr. Eng. Piotr Strzelczyk, head of the Department of Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics Rzeszów University of Technology; dr. Eng. Gregory Granosik from the Institute of Automation Technical University of Lodz; prof. dr. Eng. Tadeusz Uhl, head of the Department of Robotics and Mechatronics University of Science and Technology; Paul Ziemnicki of the Copernicus Science Centre; Andrzej Hładij, editor Space24 and Dr. Krzysztof Kanawka, the CEO of Blue Dot Solutions. The subject of education space has been treated - for education at colleges and universities where you should adjust the system and scope of education to Polish space industry was able to hire all graduates and did not have and did not want them to look for work abroad; second consecutive aspect of education is to popularize space research space among different age groups of society. A major role is played by the organization of various events, as hackatony, Galileo Masters or the European Rover Challenge.

Considerable interest forum participants enjoyed a comprehensive presentation of the potential of the Ukrainian space sector, made by Roman Fedoniuka, director of the Department of International Relations of the National Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU).

Prof. Marek Banaszkiewicz, president of the Polish Space Agency, in a summary forum said that space technologies are increasingly compatible with multiple air technologies, information technology, telecommunications and space can and should be one hallmark Sub-Carpathian business. It is therefore necessary look for areas of cooperation aerospace industry, exploiting the potential of technology companies gathered in the "Aviation Valley", the gradual inclusion of their products and services to the supply chain ESA. The responsibility of the state is to create demand for space technologies, which should be used for the efficient implementation of the statutory tasks of state institutions.

Space Sector Innovation Forum was the second event organized in the newly opened Exhibition and Congress Podkarpackie Province. It was attended by representatives of ministries, universities, research institutes, government and the City Region, entrepreneurs, CEOs and workers at the Polish Space Agency. Rzeszów is a city where for several years, held conferences related to the space sector, in terms of not only technological, but also legal and political. It is this profound sense, if only because of the activities of the branch located here Polish Space Agency and the conferences will be continued in the future.

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