Feasibility study for future technologies and space technology

POLSA will commission a feasibility study on future technologies and space technologies.

The study will include an analysis of trends and opportunities for the development of space technologies and techniques in the field of military, scientific, technical, economic, medical, social and legal within the next 5, 10 and 15 years. Invitation to tender for a study has been sent to 37 entities. The deadline for submitting bids is 15 July 2016.

The aim of the study is to analyze trends and to present conclusions and recommendations for the development of techniques and space technologies in the fields of communication and satellite navigation, Earth observation and space, autonomous systems and robotics space, space exploration by manned flights and unmanned, drives and fuels space techniques of satellites, space biotechnology and microbiology. The study is also assessing the potential to bring POLSA entities for possible inclusion in the development of future technologies and techniques for space and satellite and suggestions for the development of the necessary legal solutions in national and international aspect.

- The study should provide a global knowledge on the development prospects of currently used techniques and technologies and the emergence of new solutions in nine key areas related to the segment of the space - says Col. Peter Suszyński, p.o. Vice President Polish Defense Space Agency. - On the basis of the development we will be able to precisely identify opportunities for Polish industry, identify areas of space activities in which national actors have a chance to appear on the international arena and effectively recommend entrepreneurs directions of investment, which should concentrate to develop its activities in the field of space.

So far, Poland Space Agency commissioned an initial feasibility studies for 3 projects: Astronomical satellite observation band UV (in May 2016. - Centre for astronomical them. Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish Academy of Sciences), Architecture system awareness in the area of space in Poland, with a special focus subsystem observation and tracking of space objects (in March 2016. - the company Astri Poland Sp. z.o.o) and Satellite radar imaging system (in December 2015. - the company PZL "Warszawa-Okecie" SA).

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