Report from Day Space Sector Aviation Valley

May 23, 2016, In Rzeszów, hosted a conference entitled: "Day of the space sector in the Aviation Valley. Development opportunities, opportunities for cooperation."
POLSA Rzeszów

The event was organized by the Polish Space Agency, Rzeszow Regional Development Agency and the Association "Aviation Valley" for entrepreneurs from the southern Polish, representing the high tech sector, who are planning to extend their business into a new market.

The aim of the conference was to present the possibility of participation of Polish companies in the aviation sector space projects and the support they can give Polish Space Agency companies planning to apply for contracts the European Space Agency.

The conference was attended by representatives of several companies who have met with our employees of the Department of Strategy and International Cooperation.

Dr. Marta Wachowicz, director of the department, presented the program of advisory services for the Polish space industry, in which the Polish Space Agency conducts free expert consultations for Polish companies. Occurrence of major specialists in the department were devoted to cooperation with the European Space Agency. Zbigniew Burdzy told about the process of technological harmonization and the ESA of space technologies that can be used in the aerospace sector, while Anna Dlugosz provide information on Polish membership in ESA and development opportunities that it brings for Polish entrepreneurs.

In the opening panel of the conference was attended by Janusz Fudała, President of Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, who presented the activities of the Agency in support of local entrepreneurs, and Marcus Lush, Vice President SGPPL Aviation Valley, who talked about the participation of companies in the sub-Carpathian space projects.

Relacja z Dnia Sektora Kosmicznego w Dolinie Lotniczej

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