XIII Bieszczadzki Rally Amateur Astronomers in Stężyca 2016

On 5-8 May in Stężnica (Podkarpackie province, district Lesko, Baligród Municipality) took place XIII Bieszczadzki Rally Amateur Astronomers, organized under the auspices of the Lublin branch of the Polish Society of Amateur Astronomers.
POLSA Gdańsk

It was attended by nearly 120 people from the whole country, for which astronomy has become not only a noble hobby, but a way of life, meeting interesting people and places, and self-education. Accommodation at the resort Nature Park ensured convenience and comfort, full of food supplies and teaching facilities. The program included lectures rally popular with a broad themed on min. light pollution and ways to reduce them, amateur astronomical discoveries, physics of black holes, solar astrophotography, the current state of knowledge about galaxies, as well as modern methods of popularizing astronomy using the Internet.

Among the invited guests were Michael Żołnowski and Marcin Gędek - comet C / 2015 F2 (Polonia), who as part of their astronomical passion implement advanced observation programs in the field of exploration of comets, asteroids and supernovae. Their determination resulted in the construction of a network of remote observatories installed not only in the country but also in Chile, Spain and Sweden. Karol Wójcicki of the Copernicus Science Centre spoke about his own idea of "Head in the stars LIVE", which consists in the transmission live on the Internet interesting astronomical events with current commentary explaining.

Przemysław Rudze from the Department of Education Pols, during the main session lecture, delivered a lecture on the circumstances of the Agency against 60-year-old Polish presence in international organizations dealing with astronautics. The students learned about the structure of pols, its statutory objectives and tasks, in particular exposing current and future projects undertaken by the Department of Education. The attention of the participants of the rally drew current and future learning opportunities in the fields of "space" at the university level (astronomy), and in the framework of technical studies (space engineering, satellite technology, astronautics).

The official part of the rally completed the contests of knowledge about the secrets of astronomy "Adept 2016" and "Adepcik" for children, completed emergence of winners and awarding of prizes donated by sponsors. In the sidelines of the rally, as usual, you can exchange experiences with other lovers of the science of the universe. The organizer also took care of the party integration of itinerant music concert and barbecue.

This year the weather was fine expression, so as soon as the sun went down, the event went to pre-spaced telescopes and astronomical started hunting. The main topic was the planets (Jupiter, Mars, Saturn) and the so-called objects. deep sky, which exquisitely presented in terms Bieszczady dark sky. It is very encouraging awareness that there are in Poland where the lights out, the gathering gloom blocks you from seeing the tip of its nose. For astronomers, is a true paradise and a dream come true.

Another rally in Stężnicy will occur in a year, while astronomy enthusiasts are gearing up for the August meeting of the National Rally Amateur Astronomers Ozma 2016 Niedźwiadach k. Szubin. POLSA will also take part in it.

Przemysław Rudź

POLSA - Gdańsk

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