Picnic under the auspices of scientific POLSA achievement

On 9 May 2016 at the Collegium Marianum in Pelplin there was held a picnic astronomical and Science under the auspices of POLSA Picnic organized by Collegium Marianum, the Association of Lovers of Pelplin and the Municipal Cultural Centre.
POLSA Gdańsk

The afternoon astronomical picnic was officially opened by prof. dr. Eng. Cezary Specht - Director of the Department of Education Polish Space Agency, Patrick Demski - Mayor Pelplin, and Fr. Arkadiusz Ćwikliński - director of the Collegium Marianum. At the elementary area there were spaced stands, which were presented diverse experiences and scientific presentations. At the stand of the Centre of Science Experiment Gdynia, children with adults had the opportunity to build a rocket that would be immediately fired up when completed. At another booth, there was an opportunity to build a larger rocket, which were fired after the Picnic in the vicinity of the Pontifical Mountains. In the competition of scientific projects school students prepared their own presentations. Students from Gdansk University of Technology came to Pelplin Martian rover, of particular interest was the Robot Sumo Tournament. 11 teams took off and the fight was really interesting. Pupils presented their experiences.

During the Picnic there were also lecture sessions:

  • "How does the GPS work in the car" - prof. dr. Cezary Specht - Director of the Department of Education Polish Space Agency.
  • "Where we live? A few words about the solar system" - Veronica Narloch of CAMK Warsaw.
  • "Sy-fy", how much "science" is "fiction" - Katarzyna Drozd, CAMK Warsaw.
  • "Big telescopes of the European Southern Observatory on the Atacama desert" - Krzysztof Czart ESO Poland.
Relacja z pikniku naukowego pod patronatem POLSA
Relacja z pikniku naukowego pod patronatem POLSA

Anyone who came to picnic were able to see the transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun through telescopes set up in large numbers. To the delight of organizers and participants, the weather was excellent. The organizers also took care of the food. Kitchen Collegium Marianum prepared a stew with bread rolls, and the ladies of the KGW Great Garca had brought good cake. Children participated in the art competition, their beautiful artwork, was especially loved by the Director of the Space Agency.

Cezary Specht - POLSA Gdańsk

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