Polish Booth at Paris Space Week

Paris Space Week claims to be one of the most important events in the space industry in Europe. The Polish Space Agency, the Industrial Development Agency and the Space Industry Employers Association have organized a booth at the event to promote the potential of the domestic space industry.
POLSA Warsaw

The Polish booth under the phrase "Polish Space Sector" is located in the Space Industry exhibition area. Representatives of POLSA, ARP and ZPSK provide information on the achievements and potential of Polish entities. The materials presented the offer of companies and institutions of the Polish space sector were evenly distributed, and national representatives use the stand to establish contacts and hold talks with potential European partners.

Paris Space Week, held this year from 8-9 March 2017, is an international business meeting forum devoted to satellite systems, space technology development, lifting systems and integrated satellite technology. It is attended by representatives of industry, research institutes and space agencies from around the world, including, among others, USA, China and Japan. Around 400 exhibitors present their offer in three thematic categories: Space Industry, Space Applications and Space R & D.

“Participating in Paris Space Week is a great opportunity for our companies to establish international contacts and start discussions with potential partners. We have managed to negotiate a competitive fee for registration fees for domestic entities, so this year's edition of this prestigious event is attended by representatives of some 20 companies and institutions of the Polish space sector.” - Dr. Marta Wachowicz, Director of the Department for Strategic and International Cooperation of the Polish Space Agency.

The event is attended by, among others, Representatives of such entities as NEWIND, PIAP Space, Solaris Optics S.A., Asseco Poland S.A., ProGea 4D Ltd., Hertz Systems Ltd Sp. Z.o.o., Astri Polska Sp. SatRevolution S.A., EMBEDDED-ARCH, Pragmatists, Wasat, EC Test Systems, Mobica, ITTI, Creotech Instruments S.A., N7 Mobile Sp. Z.o.o. Whether Outsourcing Partner Sp. Z.o.o.

The organizers of the Polish booth are the Polish Space Agency, the Industrial Development Agency and the Space Industry Employers' Association. This is the next event promoting the Polish space sector implemented by these partners - in September 2016 PAK, ARP and ZPSK jointly organized a Polish booth at Industry Space Days at ESA ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Supporting entrepreneurs in the domestic space industry are one of the main areas of activity of the Polish Space Agency. As part of these activities, PAC is working on the development of the partnership of Polish industrial and research entities in selected areas of space activities by organizing working group meetings and information meetings on the state of development of ESA technology domains. The Agency facilitates contacts between Polish entities with major international institutions and space companies, initiating meetings with representatives of ESA, the European Commission and other institutions related to the European space sector, organizing foreign study visits to entrepreneurs and taking care of Poland's participation in the most important space sector events. For small and medium-sized businesses, PAK has implemented the "Advisory Services for the Polish Space Industry" program, which has benefited from 100 hours of free expert consultation on technology, legal and financial issues related to ESA competitions. The agency has also taken action to create an ESA BIC enterprise incubator in Poland for young companies and startups wishing to expand their activities in the field of satellite technology and space technology.

Więcej informacji o Paris Space Week:

http://www.paris-space-week.com/ link

Pełna lista uczestników Paris Space Week:

http://paris-space-week.com/PDF/PSW_2017_participants_list.pdf link

Polskie stoisko na Paris Space Week

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