Organized meeting dedicated to Big Data from Space

POLSA organized an industry meeting dedicated to Big Data from Space - the new ESA technology domain.
POLSA Warsaw

A meeting with more than a dozen entrepreneurs and representatives of scientific and research units took place in Warsaw's PAK office on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.

The purpose of the meeting was to prepare the participation of Polish entities in the mapping meeting of the THAG task force on harmonization of ESA technology dedicated to the Big Data from Space domain, gathering knowledge about the potential and competences of the Polish industry in this domain in the context of the National Space Program prepared by the Polish Space Agency and showing the benefits of Polish participation. Entrepreneurs in the so-called process. Mapping of technological competences in Europe. The meeting was also aimed at creating a platform for information exchange and networking.

The new technology domain ESA Big Data from Space presented during his speech prof. Marek Moszyński, Vice President of PAC for Science. He presented, among others. The scope of technologies covered by the Big Data from Space domain and identified key areas for technology harmonization within this domain, such as satellite data acquisition, management and storage, data processing and analysis, and the creation of additional services using this data.

The purpose of this day was to show the young how the path of development should be chosen if one wants his future to be connected with the fields connected with space. Hence, representatives of the most important research institutes related to space issues (Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Aviation) as well as universities (Lodz and Rzeszów University of Technology) and Polish companies connected with astronautics (Astronika Sp. From Warsaw, Sener Polska Sp. Z oo from Warsaw and Hertz Systems from Zielona Góra).

The activity of the THAG Task Force on Harmonization of ESA Technology was told by Zbigniew Burda from the Department of Strategy and International Cooperation, Polish Agency for International Development (PAK). He outlined the aims of the THAG group and explained how national companies can integrate into the ESA technology harmonization process. Thanks to such involvement, Polish entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their competencies at mapping meetings attended by representatives of European companies and R & D units and networking with potential European partners.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to presentation of Polish competences in the field of satellite data solutions. Blue Dot Solutions, CloudFerro and Newind and the Remote Sensing Center of the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography and Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computer Modeling at Warsaw University presented their achievements in this field.

The event ended with a discussion on the involvement of the Polish industry in the activity of the ESA THAG task force, the needs of the entities for support from the Polish Space Agency and the potential for developing Polish potential in this area within the framework of the National Space Program.

Representatives from several national companies and research units, including Creotech Instruments, PCO SA, Wasat, MERIS Space Technologies, OS Partner, Integrated Solutions, Topologic Consulting, Przemysław Turos, Newind, CloudFerro, Blue Dot Solutions, Research Center Cosmic PAS, Institute of Communications, IGiK, Institute of Aviation, UW.

Zorganizowaliśmy spotkanie poświęcone Big Data from Space
Zorganizowaliśmy spotkanie poświęcone Big Data from Space

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