POLSA partner with X forum Europe-Ukraine

POLSA was a substantive partner of the panel dedicated to the space industry during the X Europe-Ukraine Forum.
POLSA Rzeszów

Discussion panel pt. "Space exploration - possibilities for scientific and economic cooperation" was one of the points of the Forum Europe-Ukraine Forum, held on 27-28 January 2017 in the Exhibition and Congress Center of the Podkarpacie Region in Jasionka. The Polish Space Agency was the content partner of the panel.

The slogan of the 10th edition of the Europe-Ukraine Forum is "Opportunities that cannot be lost". The main topic of the conference was the modernization and development of Ukraine's potential and the direction and pace of the reforms there. During over 30 discussion panels, the participants discussed key issues related to Ukraine's economic potential, energy security, regional development and international issues, including cooperation with partners from Poland and other European countries.

The panel "Space exploration - possibilities for scientific and economic cooperation" took place on Saturday, January 28, 2017. The Polish Space Agency, as a substantive partner of the event, participated in defining the subject matter of the debate and in selecting and inviting panelists from the Ukrainian side. Pavlov Degtiarenko - Director of the Yuzhnoye State Construction Bureau in Ukraine, Jacek Kosiec - Director of Space Program at Creotech Instruments, Michał Wierciński - Director of Space in the Polish Armament Group and Paweł Wojtkiewicz - Business Development Executive at GMV Innovating Solutions. Piotr Orleański - Deputy Director for Technology Development of the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

More than 800 guests from Ukraine and its neighbors, the European Union and Russia and the US - representatives of governments, political life, diplomacy, business, local governments, EU institutions, international organizations, analytical centers and expert circles participated in the jubilee, 10th edition of the Europe-Ukraine Forum. .

The Forum is organized by the Foundation of the Institute of Eastern Studies and co- organized by the Podkarpacie Region. Support from the Polish Space Agency was coordinated by the Rzeszów branch of the field.

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