Delegation from Sieradz visited the Agency

On 07.12.2016 POLSA headquarters in Gdansk visited a delegation of the Starostwa and District Museum in Sieradz.
POLSA Gdansk

The local governor was represented by the starosta Sieradz Mariusz Bądzior and the museum's director Jerzy Kowalski. On behalf of the Agency, the meeting was attended by POLSA Vice-President for Science. Eng. Marek Moszyński, Department of Education was represented by its director prof. Dr hab. Eng. Cezary Specht. The meeting discussed the organization of next year's 8th Sieradz Space Conference, where POLSA is financially and politically involved. The jubilee of the 80th anniversary of Ared Szternfeld's fundamental work "Introduction to astronautics", as well as the 60th anniversary of the launch of the first artificial satellite of Earth Sputnik 1, will be followed by two special anniversaries.

Another topic discussed was the proposal to set up the National Center for Space Education based in the palace in Męcka Wola near Sieradz. Due to the wide social base (lecture halls, dormitories, canteen, extensive park and forest lagoon) and favorable logistics (located practically in the center of the country near the main transport arteries), it would be a perfect venue for conducting various types of industry conferences, symposia, Workshops, thematic meetings and even school holidays or holidays organized under the auspices of POLSA. More details soon.

Delegacja z Sieradza w siedzibie Agencji

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