Field of study: Space and Satellite Technologies

The new interdisciplinary degree program is being developed within the framework of cooperation between three Tri-City universities: Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdynia Maritime University and Gdynia Naval Academy.
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Recruitment for the direction of Space and Satellite Technologies (TKiS) will be conducted simultaneously in 4 faculties of the universities involved, ie at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, PG (ETI), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Gdynia University of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Command and Naval Academy Naval Operations in Gdynia. Each of them will offer directional courses related to TKiS within one specialty. The Department of ETI will, for example, conduct training in this field within the field of Information and Telecommunication Technology in Space and Satellite Engineering (TITIKS). For all specialties, classes will be held at all three colleges, with graduates of TITIKS specialties receiving a diploma in ETI PG.

Due to the accelerated development of the European space sector and the country's accession to the European Space Agency in 2012, more and more space operators are emerging in Poland in recent years, and major international corporations are establishing branches in Poland. Also in Pomerania Region there is a growing number of companies interested in space development. Expanding the educational offer of the Gdansk University of Technology, Gdynia Maritime University and the Naval Academy for a new field of study, addresses the growing demand for specialists in the elite and innovative field of space exploration and exploitation.

Due to the recent dynamics of the Polish space industry, also in Pomerania, also connected with the accession of Poland to the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2012 and the establishment of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) based in Gdańsk, employment opportunities and the professional development of graduates of the TKiS direction will be broad. They will be able to work in universities, research institutes and other research and development organizations in the field of space and satellite technology, as well as in companies operating in the industry, including international corporations with extensive experience in the space industry. The European level, increasingly opening up its branches in our country as well as smaller entities operating in the field, with particular reference to the TITIKS specialty, among others. Various applications of communication, navigation and remote sensing, including geodetic, cartographic, geoinformatics and telecommunication services.

Graduates of the new direction will be able to find employment in universities and r esearch institutes that carry out space and satellite research and development, as well as in companies operating in the space industry.

The Space and Space Technology Initiative was launched by prof. Andrzej Stepnowski from PG and presented at the jointly organized by the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Polish Space Agency of the first international conference on IRMAST 2015 in April 2015. Then on this initiative, with the work on the program Direction, prof. Edmund Wittbrodt from PG and prof. Cezary Specht, Director of the POLSA Education Department, with the support of the then Rector of the Gdansk University of Technology prof. Henryk Krawczyk and the President of the Polish Space Agency.

The new direction is set to begin in February 2017.

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