The Galileo Masters 2016 competition results

The project named "Aerobits" received the main prize of the Polish edition of the competition and a special prize awarded by POLSA.
POLSA Warsaw

The main prize of the Polish edition of the Galileo Masters has received a system to ensure safe separation between drones and manned aircraft. The real estate market application and the solution for sailing sports were also rewarded.

Winners of the Polish edition of the international competition for practical use of satellite navigation Galileo Masters have developed an integrated technology that allows for secure sharing of airspace between manned and unmanned aircraft. The project named "Aerobits" was also appreciated by the Polish Space Agency, which awarded the special prize in the category of the best defense and security project of the state.

“Our activities were originally research-oriented and were dedicated to internal applications. When the first public debates on the need for anti-collision drones were introduced, we already had a working prototype, " - Dr Rafał Osypiuk, creator of Aerobits.

“The decisive impetus for further work was the statements of experts, who then informed the lack of access to such technology. In this way, we have developed new modules that integrate ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B) technology) and Global Navigation Satellite System (ADS-B), "adds Dr. Rafał Osypiuk.

Since the purchase of copyright, scientists have been acting as a double startup at the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin.

“The project was created at a Polish university and is an example of the fact that in our country it is possible to create the necessary technological solutions in an academic environment that can later be introduced into the market. Compared to other competition entries, this project has already had several years of important research and development work and several integrated and tested prototypes. This demonstrates the high level of technological advancement” - Dr. Krzysztof Kanawka, President of Blue Dot Solutions and organizer of the Polish edition of the Galileo Masters.

Aerobits was one of the projects that took part in the POSITION program, aimed at developing Polish solutions based on satellite navigation (GNSS). POSITION was the first space industry program implemented by the Polish leader under the Horizon 2020 program. Thanks to POSITION, Polish solutions based on satellite navigation (GNSS) were to be brought more often to real implementation on the market.

During the Final Gala, the second-best project of the competition was announced at, a modern sales tool facilitating the localization of real estate in the field. The basic application of the application is the navigation of both agents and customers to the real estate with the indication of the boundaries of land parcels in the field in real time.

Third place in the contest was My Live Regatta, which is the regatta registration and presentation system. My Live Regatta consists of three components: the registration and handling system, the refereeing and sailing regulations, and the live presentation system.

This year's edition of Galileo Masters also received an ACNS (Augmented Crane Navigation System) award, which received a special award from the German Space Agency. The ACNS project team develops a system for automating lifts at elevations. Technology will be responsible for navigating and transporting loads, minimizing the chance of collision, and reducing the variation of catches.

The Polish edition of the Galileo Masters competition is a perfect proof that Polish thought in using satellite data (so-called "downstream") is already strong and appreciated in the world right now. It is worth supporting the further development of this industry as it corresponds to market needs, including commercial ones.

Partners and organizers of the Polish edition of Galileo Masters: Blue Dot Solutions, Black Pearls VC, Polish Agency for Space, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Industrial Development Agency, Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, GMV, Creotech Instruments S.A., ITTI. The honorary patronage over the competition was held by the Ministry of Development, the National Center for Research and Development and the Union of Space Industry Employers.

Rozstrzygnięto konkurs Galileo Masters 2016
Rozstrzygnięto konkurs Galileo Masters 2016
Rozstrzygnięto konkurs Galileo Masters 2016
Rozstrzygnięto konkurs Galileo Masters 2016

Galileo Masters (European Satellite Navigation Competition - ESNC) uznawany jest za najważniejszy w Europie konkurs dla osób zainteresowanych technologiami satelitarnymi, którzy myślą o działalności w sektorze kosmicznym. Do konkursu zgłaszane są pomysły na aplikacje, urządzenia i technologie wykorzystujące nawigację satelitarną. Nagroda główna w konkursie wynosi 20 000 euro, a suma wszystkich nagród przekracza 1 milion euro. Polska edycja konkursu w 2016 roku zdobyła najwięcej zgłoszeń spośród wszystkich edycji w Europie.

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