On November 10, 2016, a representative of the Education Department of POLSA took part in a conference organized by the West Pomeranian Teacher Training Center and the Polish Association of Love Astronomy in Szczecin.
POLSA Gdansk

The topic of the conference was "Astronomy of Children and Youth". Essentially, presentations on how to implement astronomical content within existing curricula, which in a consistent way are no longer compatible with the contemporary achievements and challenges of the science of the Universe, address these issues in a singularly truncated manner. Other initiatives in the field of space education, such as science parks (the Transnational Center for Ecological Education in Zalesie), or the postulated ASTROLAB Astronomical Center based on the Citizens' Budget postulated for many years have shown the legitimacy of establishing and supporting such bottom-up initiatives.

Krzysztof Czart, representative of the ESO (European Southern Observatory), encouraged the use of high quality multimedia materials - films, photographs and prints relating to space in teaching. They can be freely and freely transformed, used in part or in whole for their own educational purposes.

Przemysław Rudz from DE POLSA presented the circumstances of the appointment of the Agency, its objectives, tasks and current initiatives in the field of astronomy at primary and secondary level. The idea of equipping selected schools with telescopes (the Telescope in Polish school program, which will start in 2017) has raised a lot of interest among the teachers gathered, which confirms the existing shortcomings in this field, especially in schools in small towns and villages. In the field of higher education within the framework of the newly established field of space and satellite technologies, the initiating role of POLSA has been emphasized, which also ensured the appropriate level of content for future professionals in the space industry. At the end of the conference, the participants went to the Astronomical Observatory of the Institute of Physics of the University of Technology (UFO), where, under conditions of clear skies and stable air, under the care of members of the Szczecin branch of the PTMA, they admired craters, mountains and other surface works on the Moon.

Konferencja w Szczecinie 2016
Od lewej: Przemysław Rudź (POLSA), Krzysztof Czart (Urania, ESO), Tadeusz Smela (PTMA Szczecin), Andrzej Armiński (PTMA Szczecin)
Konferencja w Szczecinie 2016
Teleskop w obserwatorium astronomicznym IF ZUT.

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