Polish-German space sector meeting

On October 21, 2016, a meeting on Polish-German cooperation in the space sector took place at the headquarters of the Polish Space Agency in Gdansk.
POLSA Gdansk

The meeting was organized by the German Consulate General in Gdansk together with the Polish Space Agency. The German Research Center for Aeronautics, Transport and Energy (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt - DLR) was the substantive partner of the event. The conference aimed to summarize the current Polish-German ventures in space research and discuss future joint projects.

The ceremony was jointly opened by prof. Marek Moszyński (Vice President of POLSA for Science) and Dr. Gerd Gruppe (DLR Board Member). In addition to the representatives of POLSA and DLR, the Consul General of Germany in Gdansk - Cornelia Pieper, the authorities of the partner regions and cities of Gdansk and Bremen, participated in the meeting. Represented by: Creotech Instruments, Hertz Systems, OHB, Airbus Defense and Space. Among the other guests was many representatives of the sector. Special message to the participants was addressed by Elżbieta Bieńkowska - European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services.

The Polish-German meeting of the space sector was an ideal opportunity to discuss the cooperation issues of both the representatives of the research institutes, the representatives of the Sejm and the Bundestag, involved in the development of this sector as well as the government and self-government administration from Germany and Poland.

The initiative was related to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Polish-German Good Neighborhood Treaty of 1991.

Polsko-niemieckie spotkanie sektora kosmicznego
Od lewej: dr Gerd Gruppe (DLR), dr Marta Wachowicz (POLSA), Julia Röhrig (DLR), prof. Marek Moszyński, prof. Bogdan Wiszniewski (POLSA)
Polsko-niemieckie spotkanie sektora kosmicznego
Przemawia prof. Marek Moszyński - Wiceprezes POLSA ds. Nauki
Polsko-niemieckie spotkanie sektora kosmicznego
Prezentacja Hertz Systems - Pan Grzegorz Harkot
Polsko-niemieckie spotkanie sektora kosmicznego
Slajd z prezentacji DLR - dr Gerd Gruppe
Polsko-niemieckie spotkanie sektora kosmicznego
Rejestracja uczestników spotkania
Polsko-niemieckie spotkanie sektora kosmicznego
Od prawej: pani Cornelia Pieper, prof. Edmund Wittbrodt, prof. Marek Moszyński, dr Heiner Heseler

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