ESA BIC meeting with representatives of ESA TTPO

POLSA organized an information meeting on ESA BIC business incubators with representatives of TTPO (Technology Transfer Programme Office) of the European Space Agency.
POLSA Warsaw

The meeting was held on October 7, 2016 in the Warsaw branch of the Polish Space Agency. Its purpose was to present the principles of organization and operation of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center (ESA BIC).

Enterprise Incubators ESA is a co-ordinated and co-funded European Space Agency, a network of incubators located in thirteen European countries, aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs in the space sector. According to ESA BIC's organizational guidelines, national incubators are being developed in cooperation with the European Space Agency, the national space agency and local authorities, universities, science and technology parks and financial institutions.

More than 50 representatives of territorial self-governments, research institutions, special economic zones, national technology parks and space sector companies interested in engaging in the national incubator project participated in the information meeting organized by the Polish Space Agency. Justyna Sokołowska from the Department of Strategy and International Cooperation, PAC, presented the general concept of functioning of the ESA BIC, and Lluc Diaz and Aude de Clercq of the European Space Agency's Technology Transfer Program Office discussed details of the functioning of the ESA BIC network and the funding of its start-up structures.

The Polish Space Agency has taken steps to create an ESA BIC enterprise incubator in Poland and coordinates, in consultation with the Ministry of Development, the work related to this project.

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