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Representatives of the Polish Space Agency participated in the 7th Sieradz Space Conference. POLSA took the conference with its patronage.
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VII Sieradzka The Space Conference took place on 5-6 October 2016 at the Sieradz Regional Museum and at the Sieradz Theater.

The first day of the Conference, under the slogan "COSMOS - CHALLENGE FOR YOUNG", took place in the space hall of the Sieradz Regional Museum at ul. Castle 1.

The participants of the session on this day were selected students of the matura of the region and students of space engineering from the Technical University of Lodz and representatives of students from Wroclaw and Warsaw.

The purpose of this day was to show the young how the path of development should be chosen if one wants his future to be connected with the fields connected with the cosmos. Hence, representatives of the most important research institutes related to space issues (Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Aviation) as well as universities (Lodz and Rzeszów University of Technology) and Polish companies connected with astronautics (Astronika Sp. From Warsaw, Sener Polska Sp. Z oo from Warsaw and Hertz Systems from Zielona Góra).

It was noteworthy that the representatives of the Polish Space Agency (POLSY), the patrons of the Polish Space Agency (POLSY), had been present at the Conference, beginning with the last year's Sixth Space Conference. Present: prof. Dr hab. Marek Moszyński Vice-President for Science, prof. Dr hab. Cezary Specht Director of the Department of Education POLSY and Maciej Gruszczyński from the defense department of POLSY. POLSA for example He prepares an interesting project for educating young Poles (from primary school to academic) for space and cosmonauts. It will also help to choose young people for their individual development.

By the way, it should be noted that the Sieradz Space Conferences, carried out under the program "Arend Szternfeld Heritage", are the only undertaking in Poland implemented within the framework of the UN International Space Week.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the Raptors of the Technical University of Lodz presented the construction of the Mars rover team, which took 1st place at this year's international rover competition European Rover Challenge near Rzeszow.

Panel pierwszego dnia Konferencji
Drugi dzień Konferencji

The chair of the Scientific Council of the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences prof. Dr hab. Zbigniew Kłos, who in his introductory speech presented Poland's contribution to the development of the world cosmonautics and signaled the number of young cadres for research and production related to the management of space, will be needed both in Poland and in Europe in the near future. The second day of the conference, under the slogan SŁOŃCE - THE NEXT STAR, took place in the much larger hall of the Sieradz theater, at ul. Dominican 19.

The participants of the session on this day were interested in astronomical issues, students of junior high schools and junior high schools of the region and participants of the nationwide space knowledge competition organized by CBK PAN and Sieradz Regional Museum.

The purpose of this day was to show young people what astonishingly interesting is the science of astronomy (after all, for the purposes of astronomical research, astronomical instruments are being built and sent into space, and more and more to be chosen as astronomers).

It is no wonder that prof. Dr hab. Piotr Życki Director of the Astronomical Center im. Nicolaus Copernicus of the Polish Academy of Sciences, one of the co-organizers of the Conference.

Participants of the session heard very interesting lectures on the Sun, the closest star of Dr. Tomasz Mrozek from the CBK Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw, about the weather and the influence of the sun on the climate of the Earth, Beata Dziak - Jankowska PhD from the Polish Academy of Sciences. They also heard the speech of President of CreoTech Instruments dr Grzegorz Brony about her participation in the preparation of the apparatus for the observation of the crown of the Sun. The last speech was the presentation of professor Życki, under a provocative title: "Is it worth being an astronomer?", Of course with a very positive message on "yes".

On this day were also announced results of nationwide competitions: knowledge of space and plastic, referring to the subject of the sun. The winners of the first three places in the knowledge competition, in the upper secondary and upper secondary levels (from Brzesko, Warsaw, Brzeszcz, Pieczysk and Sieradz and Reda, Kutna, Brodnica and Konin) were awarded with telescopes and space publications. They will be able to conduct self-observation of the sky. On the other hand, the winners in the artistic competition (from Złejwsi, Wielunia, Witoszowa Dolny, Lublin and Kolobrzeg) received sets of plastic materials or country guides so that they could continue to create their youthful works in the most beautiful places in Poland. The winners of both competitions congratulated, on behalf of the Lodz Education Superintendent. Director of the Sieradz delegation LKO dr Małgorzata Świątek - Lonina. The winners also congratulated the Vice-President of POLSY, prof. Dr hab. Marek Moszyński.

The President also spoke at the conclusion of the Conference. He thanked the participants for their participation in the two-day debate, congratulated the organizers on its smooth conduct, and on behalf of the Polish Space Agency declared support for the organization of next year's 8th Sieradz Space Conference.

The conference officially opened, and also closed after the meeting, Starosta Sieradzki Mariusz Bądzior accompanied by President Sieradz Paweł Osiewały.

During the two days of the Conference, in the neighboring Museum of Secondary School No. 2 in Sieradz, in the planetarium under the tent, the pupils of the elementary school Sieradz could admire the beauty of the autumn sky.

Prof. Marek Moszyński - Wiceprezes POLSA ds. Nauki
Uczestnicy pierwszego dnia Konferencji

Tekst i zdjęcia: Muzeum Okręgowe w Sieradzu.

VII Sieradzka Konferencja Kosmiczna - plakat

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