A strong Polish accent on Industry Space Days 2016

Seventeen Polish companies and institutions took part in the Industry Space Days 2016 organized by the European Space Agency.
POLSA Warsaw

In this prestigious event for the space industry, representatives of the Polish Space Agency, the Industrial Development Agency of S.A., the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Association of Space Industry Employers took part. Institutions organized a Polish stand during the event - "Polish Space Sector".

Industry Space Days (ISD) is a series of three-day bilateral meetings and lectures held every two years at the ESA ESTEC headquarters in Noordwijk, Netherlands.

The ISD 2016 was held on 20-22 September 2016 at the initiative of the European Space Agency. Three hundred companies from countries affiliated to the European Space Agency came to Noordwijk. There were also representatives of national agencies, business unions and other institutions operating in the space sector. The meeting was an opportunity to establish new contacts as well as a chance to cooperate. The European Space Agency and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises stress the importance of networking in the space sector. That is why bilateral meetings proved to be crucial - they were scheduled for 9.5 thousand!

The Polish space sector was represented by representatives of 17 companies, including: Sener Sp. Z oo, GMV Innovating Solutions Sp. With z.o.o., PIAP, iTTi Sp. With z.o.o., Creotech Instruments S.A., InPhoTech, Spaceforest Ltd., Jakusz Sp. Astri Polska, N7Mobile sp. Z o.o., SatRevolution S.A., Spacive, Astronics, Adapters, Blue Dot Solutions Sp. With z.o.o. And Solaris Optics S.A ..

Polish Space Agency, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Industrial Development Agency S.A. And the Association of Space Industry Employers have taken the initiative to organize the Polish stand - "Polish Space Sector". Thanks to that, we managed to present companies that could not come to ESTEC and facilitate the functioning of the institutions present there. The Polish stand was very successful: foreign entrepreneurs and representatives of agencies and NGOs were eager to visit the Polish space industry, the prospects for its development and the specific competences and technologies that Polish entities could offer.

ARP S.A., POLSA, PAED and ZPSK as supporting entities of enterprises in the sector and co-patron of the joint trip of Polish representatives expect that the presence on Industry Space Days 2016 will result in tangible benefits in the form of partnerships between Polish companies and European companies.

Mocny polski akcent na Industry Space Days 2016
Pracownicy Polskiej Agencji Kosmicznej na Industry Space Days 2016
Mocny polski akcent na Industry Space Days 2016
Licznie zgromadzeni przedstawiciele sektora kosmicznego

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