On September 21st, 2016 in the main building of Gdansk University of Technology held an information day entitled "Opportunities for financing space projects from the HORYZONT 2020 Program", organized by the NCP and POLSKA.
POLSA Gdansk

Participants of the meeting welcomed Mrs. Renata Downar-Zapolska, head of the Regional Consultative Point in Gdansk, and prof. Marek Moszyński, Vice President of POLSA for Science.

Vice President of POLSA presented the concept and profile of the activities of the Polish Space Agency. Prof. Moszyński emphasized the Agency's contribution to creating a f riendly environment for the space industry in Poland. He noted, among others. For the r ole of the Advisory Services Program of the Polish Space Agency. We must strengthen the potential of our economy and transfer knowledge from science to business. There is a need for harmonization of activities due to the current dispersion of the sector - said Moszynski. He also noted the need to use satellite data for administration. Space projects are usually implemented on the basis of public procurement - added the Vice President of POLSA.

Mrs Downar-Zapolska presented the activities of the RPK in Gdańsk and the structure, principles and principles of participation in Horizon 2020. The presentation was delivered by Piotr Świerczyński from the National Contact Point of the EU Research Programs. He familiarized the participants with the possibilities of effective use of the Participant Portal, the process of preparation, submission and evaluation of project proposals, search partners and support offers for applicants.

After the break, Mrs Alexander Ihnatowicz from the NCP, who explained the process of preparing, submitting and evaluating project proposals in the Horizon 2020 Program, took part in the presentation and presented other H2020 competitions to support space technology.

Finally, Mr. Krzysztof Kanawka from Blue Dot Solutions, who encouraged participants to engage in space projects on the example of their own "success stories".

Interested participants could also benefit from individual consultations with experts from the NCP and POLSA.

The event was jointly organized by the Regional Contact Point at the Gdansk University of Technology, the Polish Space Agency and the National Contact Point for EU Research Programs.

Relacja z dnia informacyjnego Programu Horyzont 2020

Rozmowy ekspertów z POLSA i KPK

Relacja z dnia informacyjnego Programu Horyzont 2020

Zgromadzeni słuchacze w auli Politechniki Gdańskiej

Relacja z dnia informacyjnego Programu Horyzont 2020

Wśród uczestników m. in. Dyrektor Departamentu Badań i Innowacji oraz Wiceprezes ds. Nauki - POLSA (środek, od lewej)

Relacja z dnia informacyjnego Programu Horyzont 2020

Pani Renata Downar-Zapolska, kierownik Regionalnego Punktu Konsultacyjnego w Gdańsku

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