Final Space3ac program

On Thursday, September 8, 2016 in Gdańsk Science and Technology Park took place the Final Space3ac - a program supporting the development of the Polish space industry.
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The winner of this year's edition and the best project of using space technology for commercial purposes turned out to be Farm Scanner - a mobile application for farmers. The authors of the project received today a $ 50,000 cash award from the Black Pearls VC. Gold to further its development. Award of 10 thousand. For the most innovative and prospective product funded by the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, the team has created a solution that teaches fleet drivers of ecodriving.

Farm Scanner is one of 6 teams that worked for 6 weeks (July and August of this year) working in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park as part of Space3ac. The Space3ac Accelerator has allowed us to get out of the research environment and give our project a business context. We are moving to commercialize our idea and we know how to do it, and the reward we receive will certainly help us, "says Karolina Wróbel from Farm Scanner.

Space3ac is Europe's only project development program that adapts space technology to business needs. Poland has great potential in this area - says Wojciech Drewczyński of Black Pearls VC, one of the organizers of the program. "Space3ac has provided the Polish sector with a lot of positive energy just to make it work."

Space3ac is an interesting experience for the Zone, part of our mission to join big companies and investors with startups. Mateusz Maksymiuk, Director of Zones Projects Department at PSSE. - Together with the partners of this edition, we are already working on another accelerator initiative.

The winning team Farm Scanner is one of the 54 that reported to Space3ac and one of six that survived the intensive accelerator phase of the program. During this time, the teams worked with mentors to develop their ideas towards ready-made solutions. Space3ac mentors include, among others. High-level experts from the Polish Space Agency, Global Space Institute, European Commission, European Space Agency.

Demo Day was also attended by investors. Space3ac participants, together with the authors of POSITION projects, support innovative satellite navigation solutions. Possible involvement of investment funds in one of the projects is possible, given the number of questions that the teams asked during the presentation.

As a result of the work of the accelerator were created:

Farm Scanner

Comprehensive information system for the agricultural sector. Farmers based on satellite maps will, for example, know when to start harvesting and when and how many fertilizers to use. The purpose of the system is to enable farmers to increase their crop efficiency.


A solution aimed at providing paratroopers with accurate information about their jumps and warning them of collisions.


A fully automatic and independent drones project that will monitor construction sites and other areas requiring surveillance and protection against intruders.


The team is working on a self-moving project with the GPS signal of the boat, which will make sea-floor measurements using the sonar to allow for precise mapping of the shoreline.

SILEX Clouds

Earth Observation (EO) tool designed to provide information to renewable energy producers. SILEX Clouds will report among others on sandstorms or other events affecting the efficiency of energy production equipment.


A solution for the transport industry, which aims to reduce fuel consumption by correcting driver's driving style and learning how to drive economically and ecologically. Using GPS and a special touch sensor mounted under the accelerator pedal, Hypermiles will help every driver become an eco-driving champion.

For more information on Space3ac, please visit:

Demoday - finał Space3ac

Zwycięzcy z Farm Scanner z nagrodą oraz organizator Space3ac

Demoday - finał Space3ac

Finał Space3ac - Zespół Autodron

Demoday - finał Space3ac

Finał Space3ac

Demoday - finał Space3ac

Finał Space3ac


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