POLSA teaches teachers "Under the same sky"

Under the patronage of POLSA on the project "Under the common sky", a lecture for teachers on 25 August 2016 was delivered by prof. Cezary Specht - Director of the Department of Education.
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Under the patronage of the project "Under the same sky" covered POLSA, with a hospitable visit to the participants of the project on 25 August 2016. Cezary Specht - Director of the POLSA Education Department. As part of the lecture, teachers learned about the details of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass and the prospects for development of the Polish space industry. There was also a very interesting discussion about POLSA's cooperation with schools in the field of education and the popularization of astronomy as a first step in the interest of children and young people in the cosmos, its research and technology development.

Training for teachers from the foundations of astronomy and sky observation was carried out with the funds of the Citizens' Initiative Program of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, far from the polluted city of Koziołkowo, near Kościerzyna. Within a 5-day course, 16 teachers from 4 Tri-City and 4 Kashubian primary and lower secondary schools learned the state of astronomical knowledge, learned how to actively and actively impart new knowledge to their students and how to use the sky map, find constellations, observe various types of telescopes and Observe the sun. In addition, they were trained in the Stellarium computer program.

As part of the project "Under the Sky," teachers will set up in their school’s astronomical circles in their schools to prepare events for local communities to share their astronomical knowledge and skills with the inhabitants of their neighborhoods or towns. In addition, the schools have joined the Tri-City Kashubian partner circles so that they can work together and meet in their own schools. The main aim of the project, apart from spreading knowledge about the cosmos and encouraging young people to learn science, is also to make them sensitive to others, to teach cooperation and to work for their local communities. Astronomy is a wonderful and fascinating field that can become a platform of cooperation on many levels.

the end of the project in December will be held "Astropartic" in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park prepared by the young people taking part in the project.

More information about the project can be found at: http://www.podwspolnymniebem.org.pl/

POLSA szkoli nauczycieli

Prof. Cezary Specht - Dyrektor Departamentu Edukacji prezentuje możliwości współczesnych systemów nawigacyjnych

POLSA szkoli nauczycieli

Możliwości smartfona w zastosowaniu systemów satelitarnych - prof. Cezary Specht (z telefonem)


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