POLSA is a partner of the Summer Course of Space Law

We have become a partner of the Summer Space Course organized by the European Center for Space Law (ECSL).
POLSA Warsaw

Summer Course on Space Law, organized for 24 years by the ESA agenda in its member states, will be held for the first time this year in Poland. PAK will organize a visit of participants of the course in the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences as well as business breakfast of the Polish space sector with the participation of students. The course will take place from 29 August to 10 September 2016 at the Lazarski University in Warsaw.

The course aims at providing basic information on the current state of space law and increasing interest in this area of international law. Students will take part in lectures and seminars on space law and issues related to the functioning of the space industry, conducted by space law researchers and experienced specialists. Participants of the course are students and representatives of institutions and companies related to the European space sector. Lecturers represent: European Center for Space Law, universities that educate students in the specialization of international space law (eg University of Padova, Sapienza - University of Rome, University of West Brittany, University of Graz, IDEST and others), governmental institutions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Polish Agency for Air Navigation), international organizations (European Space Agency) and Polish and foreign companies (LOT, Dentos, Airbus Defense & Space, SES, Crowell & Moring LLP).

The Polish Space Agency - as the official partner of the course - will organize a visit of its participants at the Polish Academy of Sciences. He will also co-organize a business breakfast of the Polish space industry with students, during which company presentations, talks and networking events are planned. Breakfast will take place on Friday, 8 September 2016 at the Lazarski University. Speeches will be given by representatives of the Department of Strategy and International Cooperation of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the head of this department, Dr Marta Wachowicz, will take part in the official opening panel. During the Polish Space Industry Breakfast, director of the Department of the National Space Program, Izabela Erecińska, will also speak about the role of the Polish Space Agency in the further development of the Polish space industry.

The Summer Course of Space Law is organized by the European Center for Space Law (ESA). The organization of the 24th edition of the course, apart from POLSA, is also supported by the Association of Space Industry Employers and the Lazarski University.

More information about the course program and accompanying events can be found on the ECSL website link.

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