Polish-Canadian Cooperation Days of the Space Sector

On 15th of November 2017 the first meeting took place as part of the Polish-Canadian Cooperation Days in the Space Sector organized by the Embassy of Canada in the Republic of Poland and the Polish Space Agency. Its purpose was to present the offer of the Canadian UrTheCast company providing technological solutions related to Earth observation and establishing contacts with the space sector entities in the country. The meeting was attended by representatives of 10 Polish enterprises and institutions.
POLSA Warsaw

The event began with the presentation of currently implemented Canadian space programs, including the OptiSAR system, combining optical and radar satellite technology to obtain the most accurate satellite data. They were discussed by dr. George Tyc, chief engineer of UrTheCast and Mr. Marek Wlodyka, vice president of the company for Canadian government programs.

In the part concerning industrial cooperation, representatives of UrtheCast conducted a series of talks with representatives of Polish entities such as: Solaris Optics SA, CBK PAS, Satim, Mobica, SatRevolution SA, Odlewinictwa Institute, MC Posnania Consulting and Promotion and ShootCapsule.

After bilateral talks, Adam Węgowski from the Department of Strategy and International Cooperation POLSA held a conversation summarizing the event with representatives of the Canadian company, who expressed interest in the offer of Polish companies and their willingness to include them in activities related to the creation of applications and IT solutions using data obtained in the OptiSAR system.

The Wednesday meeting was the first event in the Polish-Canadian cycle of space cooperation organized by the Embassy of Canada in the Republic of Poland and the Polish Space Agency. The next meeting is scheduled for December 2017. Representatives of the Canadian MDA corporation will participate.

Polish-Canadian Cooperation Days on Spatial Cooperation is another event organized by POLSA aimed at international promotion of the achievements of the Polish space sector and supporting the development of cooperation between domestic entities and partners from other countries. In 2017, the Agency organized or co-organized also study visits of Polish entities in Sweden and Switzerland, as well as in the Polish-Belgian Day of the Space Industry. POLSA also prepared and invited Polish entrepreneurs and scientific and research institutions to use the Polish stand during important international industry events, such as Paris Space Week, Paris Air Show 2017 or Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen.

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