The visit of representatives of the Polish space sector in Switzerland

The Polish Space Agency and the organization supporting the space sector in Switzerland - the Swiss Space Center organized on 7-8 November 2017 a visit of representatives of companies and institutions of the Polish space sector in Switzerland. Its aim was to present the potential of domestic entities and to hold talks with Swiss partners on cooperation in the space sector.
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In addition to allowing representatives of companies from both countries to meet, the visit to Switzerland was also an opportunity to discuss the institutional framework of Polish-Swiss cooperation in the field of space technologies.

The most important point of stay was the Polish-Swiss industrial day, which took place on November 7, 2017 at the headquarters of the technical university ETH in Zurich. As part of this event, entities from both countries could present their activities and conduct bilateral talks.
The meeting was opened by the Vice President of the Swiss Space Center Gregoire Bourban. Then two panels were organized for the presentation of Polish and Swiss companies and institutions from the space sector. The following entities presented themselves on the Polish side: Astronika, CBK PAS, Cezamat, Creotech Instruments, GMV Innovating Solutions, N7 Space, PCO, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, SENER, Solaris Optics, Syderal Poland and the Space Industry Employers' Association and the Polish Space Agency. The Swiss space sector was represented by representatives of: Swiss Space Center, RUAG Space, ETH Zurich, Synopta, CSEM, Micos, Almatech, EMPA and Clemessy.

In the second part of the event a B2B conversation session was held. In total, about 25 representatives of the space sector from both countries took part in the meeting. A representative of the Polish Embassy in Bern, Ms. Joanna Kułakowska-Kumoch, also took part in it. Representatives of the Swiss Space Center expressed their interest in organizing a business visit to Poland next year, the aim of which would be to continue talks about cooperation and deepening business contacts with Polish entities. As an initial date of arrival, the Swiss side proposed the second quarter of 2018.

Another important point of the program was the visit of a Polish delegation to a company from the leading European space sector - RUAG Space. Participants of the mission got acquainted with the scope of activity, hitherto achievements and production potential of this enterprise. The entity has 13 production plants in Europe and the USA. The most important product groups of RUAG Space are satellite systems, e.g. structures, mechanisms, electronics, including: on-board computers, antennas and microwave technologies, as well as missile systems. RUAG Space representatives expressed their interest in cooperating with Polish entities within ESA programs and commercial projects, especially in the field of mechanical systems and subsystems, optomechanics and on-board electronics.

The program of stay also included a visit to the Federal Institute of Material Technology EMPA. The Institute conducts research activity in the field of material technologies that are used in industry, including space activities. The participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activity of this entity, including research facilities, and to conduct talks on possible cooperation in the field of research for the needs of space activities, among others in the field of coatings and the use of various material covers.

Supporting the domestic entities of the space sector in establishing and deepening contacts with international partners, POLSA also organized or co-organized in 2017 a Polish study visit in Sweden and the Polish-Belgian Day of the Space Industry. The agency also prepared and invited Polish entrepreneurs and scientific and research institutions to use the Polish stand during important industry international events, such as Paris Space Week, Paris Air Show 2017 or Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen.

Wizyta przedstawicieli polskiego sektora kosmicznego w Szwajcarii
Wizyta przedstawicieli polskiego sektora kosmicznego w Szwajcarii

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