POLSA at the Third Optoelectronic Conference

The conference entitled "Optoelectronics is an important element of the strategy of sustainable development of the State", organized by PCO S.A with the participation of the Polish Technological Platform of Photonics (PPFT), Military University of Technology. Jarosław Dąbrowski (WAT) and Warsaw University of Technology (PW), took place in Jachranka on 8-9 November 2017.
POLSA Warsaw

During a session devoted to the challenges of the cosmos towards Polish optoelectronics, the PAK representative gave a lecture on the subject of "Optics and optoelectronics - development prospects in the Polish space sector".

The aim of the event was to look for forms and scope of cooperation between science, industry and technology users in the field of optics and optoelectronics. The conference topics included expectations and opportunities for the development of optoelectronic security systems of the state, as well as the penetration of optoelectronics into all areas of life, including space exploration. The event was granted the patronage of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the honorary patronage of the Ministry of National Defense.

The challenges of the cosmos towards Polish optoelectronics were devoted to the session during which the following papers were presented:

  • "Optoelectronic satellite system for Earth observation as a flywheel for the development of the Polish defense industry" - dr Michał Wierciński, PGZ S.A .;
  • "Optics and Optoelectronics - Perspectives for Development in the Polish Space Sector" - Lt. Col. Marcin Gałuszkiewicz, Polish Space Agency;
  • "Directions of development of optoelectronic systems and subsystems in the programs of the European Space Agency and the European Commission HORIZON 2020 SPACE program" - prof. dr hab. Eng. Mirosław Rataj, Space Research Center;
  • "Control and measurement apparatus for satellite research of optoelectronic observation systems" - prof. dr hab. Eng. Krzysztof Chrzanowski, Inframet;
  • "Asopek system - building situational awareness in space" - dr inż. Jerzy Łukasiewicz, Technical Institute of Air Force.

In his speech, Lt. Col. Marcin Gałuszkiewicz presented the possibilities of financing projects from technology domains TD16 and TD17 (optics and optoelectronics) in the context of obligatory and optional programs of the European Space Agency. He also discussed the PAK report devoted to the assessment of the state of research development and use of space in Poland in the field of implementation of scientific projects related to optoelectronics. At the end, Lt. Col. Gałuszkiewicz presented the prospects for the implementation of projects in the field of optoelectronics included in the National Space Program, which is being developed by the Polish Space Agency.

Conference participants emphasized the importance of national challenges related to optoelectronics and ensured that Polish entities are able to meet the expectations and needs related to the development and manufacture of equipment and sensors for the construction of Polish satellites.

PAK na III Konferencji Optoelektronicznej
PAK na III Konferencji Optoelektronicznej
PAK na III Konferencji Optoelektronicznej
PAK na III Konferencji Optoelektronicznej

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