The joint exhibition POLSA and ZPSK at MSPO Kielce 2017

The Polish Space Agency and the Space Industry Employers' Union at the joint stand of the Polish space sector popularized the activity of domestic entities in the field of research and use of outer space. Companies representing this sector were invited to use the exhibition area.
POLSA Warsaw

The purpose of the stand organization was to promote the achievements and potential of the domestic space industry entities and to create a place for talks between their representatives and business partners from around the world.
The joint exhibition space of PAK and ZPSK was organized by 11 national entities: Adaptronica, Astri Polska, Blue Dot Solutions, Creotech Instruments, GMV Innovating Solutions, ITTI, Komes, SpaceForest, Association of Polish Aviation Industry, TechOcean and VFR Poland. At the stand, one could talk with representatives of companies and PAK, as well as see specialized software and satellite models, elements of electronics for satellites and a research rocket model. Information and materials concerning the activities of Polish enterprises developing space technologies were passed on it, and B2B meetings were also held. The stand was very popular among guests from Poland and abroad.

Special attractions were prepared for MSPO visitors during open days, September 9-10, 2017. On Saturday and Sunday at the stand of the Polish space sector, students of the Kielce University of Technology presented the activity of the analogs of Mars rovers constructed by themselves. The rovers were performing simple tasks, among which the most graceful was giving sweets to the youngest visitors to the agency's booth.
On Sunday, September 10, at 12:00 PAK organized a meeting with Mirosław Hermaszewski for the trade fair guests. The first Polish astronaut gave a lecture entitled "Cosmos - dreams, reality", after which you could ask him questions and get his autograph. About 150 people took part in the meeting.

The International Defense Industry Exhibition is one of the largest military fairs in the world. In the last year, the 24th edition of MSPO, a record number of 614 companies from 30 countries took part. The Polish Space Agency presented itself during this prestigious event for the second time.

MSPO Kielce 2017
Stoisko PAK podczas MSPO Kielce 2017
MSPO Kielce 2017
Atrakcje przygotowane na stoisku PAK
MSPO Kielce 2017
Analog łazika marsjańskiego z Politechniki Świętorzyskiej na stoisku PAK
MSPO Kielce 2017
Prelekcja Mirosława Hermaszewskiego - jedymego Polaka w kosmosie zgromadziła tłumy słuchaczy
MSPO Kielce 2017
Prelekcja Mirosława Hermaszewskiego fot. Roman Preszuz
MSPO Kielce 2017
Mirosław Hermaszewski na stoisku PAK był otoczony rzeszą fanów fot. Roman Preszuz

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