Meeting of POLSA with the Polish Committee for Standardization

On June 6, 2017 at the headquarters of the Polish Committee for Standardization in Warsaw, a PAK delegation was held under the chairmanship of Vice-President Marek Moszyński with a PKN delegation chaired by the President of the Management Board, Mr. Tomasz Schweitzer.
POLSA Gdańsk

The meeting was also attended by Ms. Jolanta Kochańska, deputy chairman of Standardization and Teresa Sosnowska, Director of the Standardization Department. Bogdan Wiszniewski, Director of the Research and Innovation Department, also took part in the meeting from the PAK side.

The subject of the conversation was to discuss the principles of cooperation between the two institutions related to the statutory obligation to cooperate in the field of creating definitions, standards and technical specifications in the field of space technology and satellite engineering. As a result, a decision was made to start work on a Polish standard defining the terminology that should be used in the Polish-language technical documentation used by Polish entities in the space sector.

Marek Moszyński
Gdańsk, 9. 06. 2017 r.

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