Lecture of a POLSA representative for PTMA Wrocław members

As part of a series of open lectures organized by the Wrocław section of the Polish Society of Astronomy Lovers, Przemysław Rudź from the Department of Education of the Polish Space Agency joined the presentation. The meeting, which took place on March 19, 2018, involved about 40 listeners in Wrocław.
POLSA Gdańsk

The Wrocław section of the Polish Society of Astronomy Lovers organizes a series of open lectures for members, supporters and all those interested in events from the broadly understood space industry. Speakers are professional astronomers, engineers, students of space directions, as well as astronomy enthusiasts who can boast of scientific achievements and others.

During his speech, Przemysław Rudź presented the circumstances of the foundation and the goals and tasks of the agency, with particular emphasis on the National Space Program being prepared by POLSA. A significant part of the presentation was devoted to discussing the current activities of the Department of Education of the agencies concerning, among others, construction of school astronomical observatories, equipping school astronomical and astronaut laboratories, work on a report on the state of cosmic education in Poland or the project "Space philharmonic" implemented by the Baltic Philharmonic with the support of POLSA.

During the backstage conversations after the lecture, the teachers running astronomical circles of interest shared their experiences related to organizing events promoting space themes. Topics will be analyzed in the POLSA Education Department and will be taken into account when planning its further activities.

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