Speech of POLSA president during the Space Sector Forum 2018

Grzegorz Brona, Ph.D., was one of the speakers during this year’s edition of the Polish Space Sector Forum. In his address he recapitulated the recent accomplishments of the Polish space sector and presented the status of POLSA’s work on the National Space Program.

The Space Sector Forum is one of the most important conferences regarding space sector organized in Poland. This year’s edition focused on the discussion on the potential and achievements of the Polish space sector and the directions of its development, as well as on the growth opportunities for the SMEs of the sector.
During the introductory part of the forum, representatives of public administration reviewed the Polish Space Strategy. The implementation of the strategy was evaluated by representatives of the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology (MPIT), the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNISW), the Industrial Development Agency (ARP) and the Polish Space Agency (POLSA).

President of POLSA began his presentation with a brief summary of recent accomplishments of the Polish space sector and then focused on the status of work on the National Space Program (KPK) developed by POLSA in cooperation with representatives of the Polish space sector. After public consultations of the KPK project, which had ended in April 2018, the decision was made to divide the program into two documents regarding different time perspectives. The Priority Space Program is to include activities aimed at elevating the technological readiness level of national space-related technologies in a1-3 year perspective and – at the same time – at supporting and developing key initiatives undertaken by the sector.

The General Space Program will stipulate the number of projects to be implemented in a a 10-15 year perspective POLSA plans to finish work on the Priority Space Program in September 2018. President of the agency stressed that the implementation of that part of the program will be primarily based on already existing financing resources.
At the end of the address Dr. Brona announced a planned modification of the organizational structure of POLSA, which will introduce an optimal approach towards the tasks fulfilled by the agency.

During the introductory part of the forum, the representatives of working groups established within the Polish Space Industry Association presented their recommendations regarding implementing the National Space Strategy.
The international session of the forum was focused on the potential of the European space market and business opportunities it offers to the Polish entities. The session included presentations of representatives of ESA, European Commission and ESO (European Southern Observatory).
The third session of the forum entitled „Looking for Business Case” was dedicated to presenting examples of successful international cooperation within the framework of space-related projects.
The second edition of the Space Sector Forum took place on May 24th, 2018 in Centrum Targowo-Wystawiennicze EXPO XXI in Warsaw and was visited by over 400 guests. The event was organized by the Polish Space Industry Association in cooperation with MNiSW and ARP. POLSA together with MNiSW, MPiT, MON and the National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union were the patrons of the event.

Photo: credit CBK PAN

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