6 Polish companies were trained as part of POLSA consulting services programme

The Polish Space Agency ended the second edition of the “Consulting services for the Polish space sector” programme in January 2016. Its objective was to assist entrepreneurs with starts in tenders organized by the European Space Agency (ESA), particularly within the Polish Industry Incentive Scheme.
POLSA Warsaw

As part of the “Consulting services for the Polish space sector” programme, the Polish Space Agency conducted free substantive consultations for Polish entities, regarding technology assessment in view of ESA plans and technological intentions, as well as basic integrity, legal and financial assistance connected with preparing proposals motions to ESA.

Poland’s membership to ESA opened the opportunity for Polish entrepreneurs to reach for significant financial resources on space technologies research and development. Our entrepreneurs are willing to fulfil ESA projects, but the contest procedures requiring the rules of space project planning knowledge may turn them off. Our consulting services programme is to eliminate the mentioned barriers and to make the application process easier for Polish companies – says Marta Wachowicz, Strategy & International Cooperation Department Director of the Polish Space Agency, responsible for the “Consulting services for the Polish space sector” programme.

The programme is addressed towards micro-, small and medium enterprises developing and implementing technological innovations for the space sector, as well as developing new products using satellite technologies. Hi-tech companies that are planning to expand their business activity into the space market may also take part in the programme.

6 Polish companies took part in the free of charge consultations: Blue Dot Solutions sp. z o.o., Bowman Dynamics Damian Kaniewski, Centrum Naukowo – Przemysłowe ICT S.A., GeniCore Sp. z o.o., Newind sp. z o.o. i Ultratech sp. z o.o..

The contest organized by the Polish Space Agency coincided with our plans of entering the space sector. The ICT S.A. Scientific – Industrial Centre is simultaneously the ICT Silesian Cluster coordinator. Usually, we analyze technologies and software developed by cluster members in different sectors, paying special attention to commercialization. We consider the possibility of further progress and implementation in the space industry as particularly appealing – says Marzena Błaszczyk, Executive Director of CNP ICT S.A. – one of the organizations that took part in the POLSA consultations programme. – We are extremely pleased with the consultations competence level. Our next goal is to place a proposal for the European Space Agency. Without the consulting services provided by POLSA, the process would be a lot harder and labor – intensive. We are currently receiving enquiries from companies from the Silesian Cluster regarding the contest and the consultations. We will definitely encourage the members of the Cluster to take part in such initiatives, organized by the Polish Space Agency.

The companies that benefited from the POLSA consulting services were selected in 2 contests published by the Polish Space Agency in the last quarter of 2015.

Supporting innovation and competitiveness growth of the Polish space sector companies and encouraging technology and IT companies to engage in the space sector is one of the objectives of the Polish Space Agency. The next edition of “Consulting services for the Polish space sector” is planned for late Spring of 2016.

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