On 6th of February 2016 Polish Space Agency had a special guest – general Mirosław Hermaszewski – first and the only one so far Polish man, who flew into the space.
POLSA Gdansk

The meeting was attended by: President of POLSA – Marek Banaszkiewicz, his deputy gen. Lech Majewski and Marek Moszyński, Director of Education – Cezary Specht, Director of Administrator Office – Katarzyna Tylingo-Chmielewska.

President of POLSA introduced to gen. Hermaszewski the plans and tasks performed by the Agency. Our visitor was very interested of those concerns. The first Polish cosmonaut told to representatives of the Agency many interesting facts related to his flight into space.

Gen. Miroslaw Hermaszewski was that day also a special guest of the Gdansk Science Festival. He gave a lecture for an approx. 500 people gather in the auditorium in the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk.

Miroslaw Hermaszewski on 27 of June 1978., as a flight engineer started together with Russian Peter Klimukiem from the Baikonur Cosmodrome to fly into space on the ship Soyuz-30. The crew merged with the orbital station Salyut-6. The landing took place on July 5 in Kazakhstan. The flight lasted eight days, made 126 laps of the Earth. By the way established several Polish records (approved by the FAI - International Federation of Air), among others altitude - 363 km; Airspeed - 28 thousand km / h; duration of flight - 190 hours 03 minutes and 04 seconds.
Gen. Mirosław Hermaszewski – first Polish cosmonaut has visited POLSA
Gen. Mirosław Hermaszewski – first Polish cosmonaut has visited POLSA

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