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Polish Space Sector

About the sector

Establishment of the Polish Astronautical Society in 1954; the foundation of the Space Research Center in 1977; an orbital flight of the first Polish cosmonaut, General Mirosław Hermaszewski, in 1978; the first successful experiment as part of an ESA mission - Cassini / Huygens, launched to. Saturn in 1997; full membership in ESA in 2012; and the 2014 Act on the establishment of the Polish Space Agency. These are milestones of Poland’s presence in contemporary international undertakings in the exploration and use of space. During this time, Polish engineers designed and developed over 80 on-board instruments, which have been vital elements of many space missions. Recent years have also seen. intensive development of the domestic private space sector, in which there are over 100 entities with proven experience in the space industry and nearly half a thousand registered in the EMITS system.

Regarding the trends of the Space 4.0 era, the niches occupied by the Polish space sector are primarily:

  • optical observations,
  • SSA program systems and subsystems,
  • SSA data processing software,
  • space robotics,
  • photonics,
  • optoelectronics,
  • small satellite systems and subsystems (power supply systems, on-board computers, satellite receivers for GPS and Galileo systems, integrated microwave modules, satellite propulsion systems, and exploration missions),
  • EGSE and MGSE systems,
  • aggregation and data processing systems, and
  • EO and GNSS data processing applications.

Polish Space Agency, together with state institutions, takes part in the European Space Surveillance & Tracking (EUSST) clusters and PERASPERA (Plan European Roadmap and Activities for Space Exploitation of Robotics and Autonomy), as well as in the European network ENTRUSTED (Governmental Satellite Communication – GOVSATCOM program). Additionally, a primary national space-focused project is the SAT4ENVI platform, concerning the operational collection of sharing and promotion of digital satellite information on the environment.

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Polish companies on IAC and EXPO

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