Polish entities involved in space robotics

Space robotics and automation is one of the leading space domains in Poland, and, appropriately, this technology area was additionally identified as one of the principal areas for Polish participation by the relevant industrial sector, as represented by the Polish Space Industry Association. The Association includes more than 70 Polish space sector entities, and comprises approximately 80% of all Polish space entities. Polish competencies are founded upon the capabilities of numerous entities involved in active cooperation with both ESA and the EC. The majority of them are small- and medium-sized enterprises, and they are accompanied by prestigious research institutes and technical universities in their efforts.

Polish industry and research entities have long been involved in many prestigious international space missions, including Rosetta and Phobos-Grunt, among others. Polish stakeholders are furthermore involved in important on-going ESA programs and missions, such as ExoMars, E. Deorbit within the CleanSpace Initiative, and the Lunar Lander. As such, they cooperate very closely with large European systems integrators, e.g., Airbus Defence & Space, Thales Alenia Space, and OHB.

Below you can find the list of Polish entities involved in the space robotics, with the short description of their capabilities. 

More information – presentations on Polish capabilities in space robotics: Power Point presentations:

ABM Space Sp. z o.o.
Astronika Sp. z o.o.
Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Cilium Engineering sp. z o.o.
Creotech Instruments SA
GMV Innovating Solutions Sp. z o. o.
Hertz Systems
PIAP Space
SENER Polska sp. z o.o.
SKA Polska sp. z o.o.
VIGO SYSTEM Sp. z o.o.
Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP

CHOMIK fot. Grzegorz Krzyżewski
CHOMIK fot. Grzegorz Krzyżewski
Comrade chwytak fot. PIAP Space
Comrade chwytak fot. PIAP Space
European Rover Challenge fot.ERC
European Rover Challenge fot. ERC
Instrument MUPUS misji Rosetta fot,CBK PAN
Instrument MUPUS misji Rosetta fot. CBK PAN
Kret HP3 fot. Astronika
Kret HP3 fot. Astronika
Łazik marsjański MAGMA fot.ABM Space
Łazik marsjański MAGMA fot. ABM Space
Mechaniczno elektryczne połączenie pomiędzy łazikiem i lądownikiem w misji Exo Mars_fot_Sener Polska
Mechaniczno elektryczne połączenie pomiędzy łazikiem i lądownikiem w misji Exo Mars fot. Sener Polska
Siatka do chwytania śmieci fot.SKA Polska
Siatka do chwytania śmieci fot. SKA Polska

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