PIAP Space


PIAP Space is a spin-off company for space industry activities, set up by PIAP Institute. The company specializes in: robotics, automatics and mechanics. PIAP Space develops and offers technologies and products in areas like: Robotics Arms and End-Effectors for on Orbit Satellite Servicing. The company offers services in the area of design and manufacturing of MGSEs, structures and mechanisms for satellites.

Examples of space robotics related activities:

  • Comrade - Control and Management of Robotics Active Debris Removal - a joint project with Airbus D&S, GMV and DLR, based on development of software to control the robotic arm for servicing satellites. PIAP Space supplies a HIL type gripper and a gripper contact model during an interception maneuver.
  • RaCER - Rover Speed Characterization for Lunar Exploration – the project is aimed at testing impact of delays in robot teleoperation for lunar missions. As the reference mission, the Heracles study was adopted, which defines the most likely scenario of the Moon mission seeking water. The mission would take place in 2027 or 2028. The project uses one of the PIAP robots as a test vehicle.

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