The Polish Space Industry Information System (SIPSK) shall be the very first Polish space sector entities database.

SIPSK is a platform providing information about the Polish space sector entities. The publicly accessible part of the portal will provide information regarding their portfolio and capabilities, as well as a place for publishing current news regarding the domestic space industry.

The information provided by entities in the restricted part will be used exclusively for executing the statutory tasks of the Polish Space Agency (see „The Polish Space Industry Information System” Regulations).

The information provided by entities will serve the following purposes:

  1. identifying and promoting domestic entities conducting space technology undertakings, R&D or initializing commercial operations,
  2. mapping the potential of space applications products, services and technologies, vital for the development of the Polish space sector,
  3. facilitating the information exchange between domestic administration, science and industry, as well as creating new linkages and supply chains.

Obtaining the knowledge about the actual capabilities and needs of the space sector entities within the SIPSK will enable POLSA, in accordance with its statutory tasks, to properly evaluate the potential of the sector, to act for broadening the cooperation between domestic administration, science and industry, as well as to effectively promote activities of the Polish entities in the international arena.

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