Analog Astronaut Training Center
Technological domains
  • TD 9 Mission Operation and Ground Data Systems
  • TD 14 Life & Physical Sciences
  • TD 15 Mechanisms
  • TD 22 Environmental Control & Life Support (ECLS) and In Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU)
  • TD 24 Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • TD 26 Others
About the subject
Analog Astronaut Training Center Sp z o.o. (AATC) focuses its activity on conducting specialized bioastronautical trainings and on scientific research related to space flights with the participation of humans. The company specializes in human physiology research and operational trainings for scientists, engineers and astronaut candidates.
In 2018, the company set up a space environment simulation laboratory for scientific experiments in space biology and medicine.
In 2022, the company achieved 55 successfully organized analog simulations, in which more than 250 people were trained. This gives the AATC the second place in the world in terms of the number of international space mission simulations organized.
Main products and services
  • microgravity simulation centrifuges Random Positioning Machines
  • dedicated software using AI to control an isolated simulation of a space mission with the participation of people
  • mobile applications for cognitive tests
  • microbiological purity sensors
  • multifunctional products made of bacterial cellulose
  • organization of international space workshops for children and teenagers Junior Space Camp
  • organization of space mission simulations
  • diving trainings with elements of bioastronautics
  • organization of educational and research flights to the stratosphere
  • organization of rocket workshops
The most important achievements in the space sector
  • conducting the largest number of space mission simulations in Europe
  • design, creation and management of two specialized simulators for adaptive research in isolation and extreme environments in the field of biology and space medicine
  • recognition in the world market
  • award for the development of a microbiological purity sensor in the EUSpace 2022 competition
Contact info
Plac Wolności 13/2, Rzeszów

Contact person:
First name and last name:
Agata Kołodziejczyk