Sybilla Technologies sp. z o.o.
Technological domains
  • TD 11 Space Debris
  • TD 12 Ground Station Systems and Networks
  • TD 13 Automation, Telepresence & Robotics
  • TD 14 Life & Physical Sciences
About the subject

Sybilla Technologies Sp z o.o. specializes in the construction and software development for ground sensors, operates fourteen telescopes on five con-tinents. The sensors provide data for the Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) and Near-Earth Objects (NEO), commercial and educational fields. The company designs, delivers and integrates observing systems based on its own and third-party solutions.Enterprise solutions are created and mainta-ined by software experts for autonomous and robotic telescope networks with an expert understanding of planning, scientific data evaluation and ana-lysis processes. Sybilla Technologies employs active scientists in the field of precise photometric and astrometric measurements and space traffic mana-gement.

Main products and services
  • Monitoring and control of ground systems.
  • Mission control – engineering support.
The most important achievements in the space sector
  • ABOT – software for managing robotic sensors observing space
  • WebPlan – software for managing and planning a network of sensors and maintaining a catalog of space objects
  • LightStream – software for processing optical space observations from CCD and CMOS cameras (NCBR project).
Contact info
+48 721 539 365
ul. Toruńska 59, 85-023 Bydgoszcz

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Adam Kinasz
+48 721 539 365