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Poland is intensifying cooperation with the United States on space safety.

Poland is intensifying cooperation with the United States on space safety.
July 15, 2022

On July 15 in Warsaw, POLSA President, Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna met with the US Space Command Commander, General James H. Dickinson. The purpose of the visit was to tighten cooperation in the area of space and to discuss plans for bilateral initiatives, i.a. taking into consideration the Space Situational Awareness Agreement signed in April 2019 and the Artemis Accords signed last year at the civilian level.

The meeting with the Commander of the U.S. Space Command allowed to obtain information on the development of the U.S. military space capabilities and cooperation in space at a civil-military level. The participants of the meeting discussed cooperation regarding SSA data sharing, planned space missions and enhancing safety, including security and stability of space activities for planned projects.

Prof. Wrochna presented the activities currently being carried out by the Polish Space Agency, including projects and priorities for action related to space safety (including the Space Object Data Sharing Agreement), involvement in the Global Sentinel exercise, launch capabilities and suborbital flights.

The enhanced presence of the U.S. forces in Poland in response to the region’s geopolitical situation requires coordination of activities, supported by access to information and building situational awareness. These activities are also carried out through the support of space technology and satellite techniques, including those built on relationships with foreign partners – stated President Wrochna.

A wide range of activities in the field of international cooperation with space-related organizations within ESA, as well as bilateral partnership agreements, including those related to the signed Artemis Accords, have also been discussed.  POLSA President also presented the main domains of activity of the Polish space sector.

Poland’s participation and the role of the country in the US-led Global Sentinel international military exercise, which will be held between July 24th and August 3rd, has also been discussed. This year’s event is aimed at increasing and tightening international cooperation and exchanging experience in the sphere of space situational awareness, space flight safety and dual-use solutions to strengthen space flight safety. Global Sentinel activities will also reinforce and expand the already established cooperation with the United States.

The meeting with General Dickinson allowed to strengthen our cooperation and identify further opportunities for Polish participation in projects, especially in the area of trainings and exchange of experience.

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