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Sławosz Uznański Chosen as Reserve Astronaut for ESA

Sławosz Uznański Chosen as Reserve Astronaut for ESA
November 23, 2022

Polish scientist Sławosz Uznański has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) as a Reserve Astronaut. The presentation of astronauts was made by Josef Aschbacher, the Director General of ESA, on November 23rd in Paris during the final day of the ESA Council meeting at the ministerial level. ESA contracts were awarded to 6 astronauts for the core corps, including one with a disability, and 11 reserve astronauts. The former group practically have guaranteed flights to the International Space Station (ISS) and possibly even to some of NASA’s lunar missions conducted in partnership with ESA. The reserve astronauts can join them at any time and begin intensive training if ESA expands its crewed programs, especially involving the use of the ISS.

The selection of a Pole for this exclusive group is a tremendous achievement. Sławosz Uznański had to surpass over 22,000 candidates from across Europe in the ESA’s year and a half-long selection process. Candidates underwent a variety of tests on space knowledge and space technology, intelligence, computational skills, problem-solving under time pressure, psychological resilience, and maintaining composure under stressful conditions. They also underwent detailed medical examinations and multiple qualifying interviews.

For more information: Polish Scientist Selected as a Reserve Astronaut by ESA – POLSA

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