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29 August, 2023
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09 August, 2023
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New Vice President of POLSA
November 22, 2021

On November 22nd, 2021, Colonel Marcin Mazur was appointed Vice President of the Polish Space Agency by the Minister of Development and Technology, Piotr Nowak.

The new Vice President of POLSA is a graduate of the Military University of Technology, with a  Master’s Degree in Topography and Mapping. He completed the “GIS, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing for Defence and Security Purposes” postgraduate studies also at the Military University of Technology.

Until his appointment, he served as the Imagery Intelligence Branch Head, at the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces. He was responsible for the development of satellite and airborne imagery intelligence capabilities over a 15-year horizon.

He also served at NATO Command in the Netherlands, where he was responsible for geospatial security concerning NATO data, tools and command systems.

During his career, Colonel Mazur also served as Chairman of the Interministerial Task Group  of Satellite Systems, established by the Ministry of Defense. He was also the Chairman of the Polish-Italian Operational Working Group for cooperation in the field of EO satellite systems- COSMO SkyMed and OPTSAT-3000. He participated in the works of the group defining the NATO Space Policy.

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