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POLSA-ESA within the Boost!2 Program

POLSA-ESA within the Boost!2 Program
June 19, 2024

The President of the Polish Space Agency, Grzegorz Wrochna, and Toni Tolker Nielsen, Acting Director of Space Transportation at the European Space Agency, signed a technical agreement in Paris finalizing Poland’s accession to the Boost!2 program. This program ensures ESA experts’ support for the institutional needs of member states.

The agreement will enable:

-strengthening our capabilities to secure suborbital flights in terms of flight trajectory calculations and rocket drop zones

-ensuring the safety of launches from the Polish Armed Forces’ test ranges.

In the future, Boost!2 will be used by POLSA to conduct technical analyses, simulations, and other activities to initiate projects for the development of advanced technologies and components created by entities within the Polish space sector.

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