26 April, 2024
Upcoming conference: Satellite technologies and applications for crisis management
10 April, 2024
POLSA and NASA JPL work towards long-term collaboration in future scientific missions
19 January, 2024
2023: POLSA’s year in space 
Poznań – capital of the space in 2026
June 2, 2023

Together with the European Space Foundation, GRUPA MTP – Poznan Congress Center, Poznań Convention Bureau, The Way, Polish Space Industry Association, COTI and independent international advisors, we placed a bid for International Astronautical Congress 2026 for Poznań, Poland.

Poland and the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe are constantly developing and strengthening in the space sector. We have been members of the European Space Agency for more than 10 years. Our country is also the 13th signatory to the NASA Artemis Accords declaration.

We are convinced that Poznań has great potential as one of the central cities in Europe to host IAC 2026. It is a modern place ready to host leaders of the space sector from around the world (Last year, more than 7,000 people visited the IAC in Paris). A very well-developed network of land and air transportation also works in its favor.   It is also a city of many historical, cultural and international attractions.

Let’s meet in Poznan in 2026!

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