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Space – a Constant Risk
May 25, 2021

On the 20th and 27th April 2021 the III International Conference “Risk Engineering in  the  Space Sector” took place. The event was organized by the Polish Space Agency and  the  Centre for Space Studies of Kozminski University. This year’s edition was  divided into two thematic sessions: general risks (i.a. managerial, investment, legal) and  engineering risks. The  conference was attended by many prominent guests, including POLSA President, Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna.

During the two days of the conference, discussions between representatives of the scientific community, entrepreneurs and government officials regarding space debris risk management, the use of space (satellite observation / communication), risks concerning management accounting, image and human resources were held.

A separate session was devoted to legal issues, particularly including the role of domestic law in managing space ventures. 

– The concept of risk has several levels and may be tackled in various ways. Risk analysis is  an  inevitable part of the lives of leaders. I hope that this conference will help them and the space sector prodigies to prepare for the ambitious projects and technological development during the New Space Era – stated President Wrochna.

According to Prof. Wrochna,  New Space is the future of the Polish space sector, which cannot be avoided. – Private entities, SMEs and start-ups are beginning to play an increasingly greater role in the development of the global space sector, also affecting processes, knowledge and competency gaps. POLSA, via Cosmic Hub, which is to be a platform for experience exchange, is willing to  contribute to the discussion regarding the importance of project risk management and  the  ways it may assist in accomplishing missions .

The event was also attended by:Andrew Wolahan (European Space Agency), Kinga Gruszecka (Polish Space Agency), Jakub Stelmachowski (Polish Space Agency), Katarzyna Malinowska, PhD (Kozminski University), Bartosz Sokoliński (Industrial Development Agency JSC), Grzegorz Brona, PhD (Creotech Instruments S.A.), Jędrzej Kowalewski (Scanway), Witold Witkowicz (ICEYE), Małgorzata Polkowska (War Studies University), Andrzej Jakubiec, PhD (Centre for Space Studies, Kozminski University), Mariusz Kłoda (Nicolaus Copernicus University), Bartosz Malinowski (Space Research Centre), Kaja Hopej (Centre for Space Studies, Kozminski University), Prof. Mahulena Hofmann (University of Luxembourg), Prof. Tanja Masson-Zwaan (Leiden University), Malak Trabelsi (KU Leuven), Jenni Tapio (European Centre for Space Law), Joanne Wheeler, MBE (Alden), Katarzyna Kucewicz (AIRBUS POLAND S.A.), Shashank Govindaraj (SpaceApplications), Przemysław Radzik (Thorium Space), Bryan Dean (Dragonfly)

To watch the first day of the conference, please follow this link.

The second day of the conference is available here.

Conversation with Katarzyna Kucewicz is available here.

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