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The "Operating system for gathering, sharing and promotion of digital satellite information about the environment - Sat4Envi" project will be implemented by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW - PIB) in cooperation with the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN), the Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH and the Polish Space Agency (POLSA).

Summary and goals

The project involves creating infrastructure for receiving, storing, processing and distributing data from meteorological and environmental satellites and satellite products, based on already existing IMGW resources. The established system will esnure a possibility of constant collecting and processing satellite data, as well as its sharing for scientific, strategic and security purposes.

Tasks to be completed include:
1. Developing a data reception and processing station from circumpolar satellites.
2. Establishing a modern satellite data archive.
3. Launching a new satellite technologies training centre.
4. Launching a scientific information sharing centre.

The goals of the program are compatible with the goals of:
1. Operational Program Digital Poland
2. Europe 2020 strategy,
3. EC Comission Notice (2014/C 240/01)
4. Polish Space Strategy
and fit in the National Smart Specializations.

The end of the project is scheduled for November 2020.

The benefits of the Sat4Envi project

The implementation of the "Operating system for gathering, sharing and promotion of digital information about the environment – Sat4Envi” project will enable:
1. Providing free access to scientific resources in scope of remote sensing and interactive, electronic services for citizens, students, scientists, entrepreneurs and public administration,
2. Improving and accelerating the implementation of public administration tasks,
3. Increasing the effectiveness of preventive and outreach activities associated with natural hazards and disasters by constant access to information assisting in foreseeing threats and hazardous events and protection from their effects,
4. Creating demand for satellite data and associated services from public administration, which may contribute towards a more intense development of commercial services,
5. Upgrading and effective utilizing of IMGW-PIB, CBK PAN and Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH existing resources.

The role of POLSA in the Sat4Envi consortium

As a partner implementing the Sat4Envi project, the Polish Space Agency is responsible for developing an educational and training program for public administration regarding the use of imagery and services based on satellite data in fulfilling their statutory tasks. The goal of the program is extending knowledge and competences of civil servants regarding making use of satellite data in day-to-day work and building awareness in terms of benefits which satellite data utilization may bring in the decision-making process.

POLSA will also conduct pilot trainings for a selected, representative group of civil servants from local and public government, basing on prepared training materials and infrastructure obtained within the Sat4Envi project.

The development of the program will be preceded by an analysis of the scope of tasks and needs of local government units and government administration in the context of possible satellite data assistance and formulating a list of key competences for officials familiar with using such data. The conclusions from the study will be included in a report summarizing the abovementioned activity.

The educational and training program is to be implemented at the turn of 2019 and 2020. Work on its establishment is being conducted by the Department of Military Satellite Technologies of the Polish Space Agency.

POLSA will also be responsible for the preparation of a study promoting the use of satellite data for improving the efficiency of given activities of public administration. The publication will include a report on modern satellite technologies in the fields of navigation, telecommunications and Earth observation, as well as a description of the possibilities and best practices regarding satellite data utilization in the process of performing public tasks.

The involvement of POLSA in the Sat4Envi project illustrates the statutory tasks of the agency, in particular those related to information, promotional and educational activities in the field of research and use of Outer Space.

Sat4Envi - a project implementing the Polish Space Strategy

The Sat4Envi project is associated with the implementation of the Polish Space Strategy, in particular with Task No. 2: „Satellite applications development – contribution to digital economy”, by providing constant, fast and dependable access to satellite data, promoting satellite data utilization in public administration at various levels and developing commercial services.


The project is financed from the resources of the Operational Program Digital Poland, Action 2.3, Sub-action 2.3.1, in the amount of 17 903 900,00 PLN. These resources are made up of European funds (84.63%) and state funds (15.37%).

Training courses

The educational & training program for public administration developed by the Polish Space Agency will cover framework trainings for high- and mid-level public administration decision makers and trainings for specialists. The training courses are addressed towards given local government workers: communes, poviats and Marshal’s offices, as well as public government representatives, along with institutions under their authority or supervision.

The goal of the courses will be improving the efficiency of public administration activities via increasing competences, knowledge, analytical and application skills of the staff in scope of satellite data utilization.

The scope of training courses will specifically include:
  • searching, downloading, visualizing, presenting and processing data,
  • analysis and interpretation of the data processing results,
  • using model practices contributing to increasing the effectiveness of public administration activities.

The courses will also cover practical aspects regarding procurement connected with obtaining satellite imagery and related products.

Within the program, the substantive scope of the courses will be developed, along with tools and educational materials (including training agendas and course outlines). The specific goals of the program and rules for organizing courses will be described in detail.

The start of the training courses is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019.

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