European Rover Challenge is one of the biggest international space and robotics event in the world. ERC gathers not only planetary robotics specialists and Mars rovers designers but also representatives of science and business, the new-tech sector and the general public interested in the development of science and new technologies.

The main part of ERC is an international robotics competition in which rovers constructing teams compete in fulfilling tasks similar to those performed by rovers on the surface of Mars and the Moon. Since its first edition in 2014 the competition became a prestigious space sector event. .

During the fourth edition of ERC a new competition formula, ERC PRO, has been introduced. It is addressed to professional teams involved in robotics and more advanced space technologies. This reinforces the role of ERC as a platform to present and evaluate the potential technical solutions tested during fulfilling tasks inspired by plans and scenarios of developing NASA and ESA robotics missions.

ERC aims at fostering and supporting a new generation of engineers. It offers an opportunity to verify the yearly progress of constructors for whom participation in the competition is one of the tools to develop their careers, competencies and skills necessary to achieve success in the space sector.

The events stimulates also innovations in research and business projects and popularizes the general knowledge and latest technological achievements with a view to future space explorations.

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