POLSA’s role in the consortium

POLSA in the ENTRUSTED Consortium

Polish Space Agency (POLSA) supports the ENTRUSTED Consortium by contributing to the implementation of all project work packages. More specifically, POLSA was actively involved in the preparation of the EU-wide survey study on governmental user needs regarding secure SatCom services. The Agency is responsible for conducting the survey among Polish entities and consolidating answers, which will illustrate user requirements for prospective GOVSATCOM services. In parallel, POLSA participates in the review of available state-of-the-art secure SatCom user technologies, and ongoing research and innovation activities in the European space sector.

Moreover, the Agency is coordinating all communication and dissemination activities related to the project on the Consortium level. POLSA moderates communication with media and ENTRUSTED target audiences. The Agency also oversees the organisation of project workshops and summits, and the preparation of educational activities dedicated to governmental users, such as a training, webinar and live demonstrations.

POLSA’s involvement in the ENTRUSTED project is aligned with the provisions of the Polish Space Strategy and the Agency’s statutory tasks, including the preparation of main assumptions and directions for space-based research and development of the State, as well as general information and promotion of key space-related initiatives and activities.